Your Shoot

Getting the perfect pet shoot can be tricky!  As you might know… your dog or cat may not be a perfect model and understand all that we want them to do to get that perfect shot.

That’s why Jessy works with an assistant and you, too, in your home or yard,
to get the perfect photography of your precious friends!  
We can create a studio effect within your home for more formal shots and
also, look for those delightful candid moments that
really define the true character of your pal.

We do our very best to make the experience fun, relaxed and a great time for your pet.  
Often, we like to arrive and just visit with our subjects, giving lots of pats and a few treats
and just let the animals adjust and relax around us.  A little play time, some inside
and outside time, we will shoot only when your pet is relaxed and ready to
enjoy the process.  As a result, we like to schedule at least an hour for any shoot,
and usually more like two hours.

When we arrive, we will bring in any props that we think might work as well as do a
little walk through the main part of your home and yard to see what might work
best for shooting.  If the weather is nice, we always love to go outside and
enjoy the environment and sunshine for great outside shooting.  
The less gear and unusual equipment that we can get away with,
will make your pets much more relaxed.

We love to see your family interacting with the pets and will shoot candid photos
as well as studio shots if you desire.  We have several great packages that will
give you just exactly the shots you wish.

We really try to work with you, your family and most of all your pet!  
We love critters and just enjoy bringing our their true character!