My New Post Cards!

It’s great to have a Mom who’s a graphic artist because she can help you with all these graphic things like promotional post cards and websites!

I’m so excited… we just finished and ordered my first batch of fancy 4-color glossy promo postcards!!!

Aren’t they pretty???

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Fran’s Little Darlings

Cute shots of our friend Fran and Wes’s little doggies… well, the lab is not so little!

Isn’t her brown eye so beautiful in the sunlight?

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The Bird Bath

My sister has a pretty pottery birdbath in our yard, but the problem is, all the critters in the neighborhood think it’s the local watering hole.

I’ve taken quite a few shots of them dropping in for a drink.

Love the deep blue color of the dish, in contrast with the animal’s coats and eyes and the little tongues! Just one of my favorite things to shoot… the bird bath collection!

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New Website…

One of the nice things about having a mother that is great with graphic design and all, is that you get to have your own websites done up for free! (Okay, yeah, maybe have to mow the lawn or something… still, great deal!)

After a few months of trying to get this going by myself… Mom has finally stepped in to make it all happen! Yah! Thanks Mom!

She’s a pretty good photographer as well, and she plays in a bluegrass band and does a bunch of gardening and works on her own blog… where she puts a lot of her own writing and photography up there. Good stuff.

She is my animal wrangling assistant on shoots, she helps to get the critters in the right place and often is the one with the toy or goodies in her hand getting the pooch to look the right way for me! Super helpful! Fun to work with your mom!

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Photography by Jessy

Had a great time at the Bark in the Park event this spring sponsored by the Toledo Humane Society… It was neat to see all the people and their dogs, and it was cool to watch my mom and her band perform for the event as well. Great fun had by all! My little pup Evee actually attended, but she was really young and just out of the doggie hospital!!! Thanks so much to the Sylvania Vets for saving her little life!!!

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