The debut show of the Glass City Opry was a success!

Over 190 people came out to enjoy the show and we are pleased
that you made the trip out to hear some great bluegrass music on a Monday evening!
As we asked from on stage... we hope you not only tell a friend about the show,
but that you bring five or six more! You can help us make the Glass City Opry
a continuing success, month after month! Our next show is going to be
just as much fun and enjoyable!

We had a few little bugs to smooth out, but all in all, everything ran so smoothly
that we were so pleased! We hope that those of you who had the opportunity
to experience the pink noise generator at the sound check before the show can
appreciate just how loud that thing can be!

It's only got to be run once, and now the computer sound equipment
is all ready to "know" how to program the sound in the theatre!
We had hoped to run that before everyone showed up, but we can see,
the crowd was so eager to get there, we had folks showing up as early as 4:30
for the show! We hope you found the sound check to be an interesting part of the show!

We were so pleased at the outcome and the whole evening's experience!

Many many thanks to all the people that
helped to make the evening magical!

• The Coffee News • The Cookie Lady •
The Bluegrass Journal • Lau' Naturale • Cheron Chocolates
• The Country Ramble on WCWA 1230 AM
• • K100 Country Radio
• The AMAZING Staff and Management of the Maumee Indoor Theatre
• The Bands and Friends & Family of Copus Hill and Hardline Drive
• Our Sound by Mike and Monica Adams
• Our Volunteers, Wilson, Earline and Shelly Birdwell
• Photography by Mike MacGuffie
• Our "Go-For" Staff of Ashton, Weston, Maggie and Jessy

And everyone that came out to see what all the "fuss" was about!



Copus Hill opened the show with a great set!

Jesse is singing some of that lonesome bluegrass music...

Toby McClure is working that guitar!

The boys from Copus Hill put on a great show...


The gang from Hardline Drive never disappoint!

Mollie is keeping everyone on track and inline!

Greg Fusion is flat laying it down.

Toni Erskine is telling it like it is with her soulful songs

Dave Russell on the banjo bringing soul to the sound

Danielle Smith is making that mando sing!

The harmonies and music of Hardline Drive topped off a wonderful evening.

Special thanks to Jeff Birdwell for starting off the first Opry right!

Look! We're up in lights on the sign!


A very special thanks to Mike MacGuffie for
covering the show with his photographic wizardry!