Our Second Show!

204 people came out to enjoy the show and we are pleased
that you made the trip out to hear some great bluegrass music on a Monday evening!

We had a few sound issues and we're very sorry for any inconvience it may have caused.
We are still learning the ropes to running a monthly show and we hope that you will
understand and appreciate the great amount of effort for such an undertaking.
We are learning very fast and adapting and changing our policies to reflect
the need to provide a comfortable experience to our audience.

Thank you to all the folks that helped by purchasing our new cool t-shirts!
You can get one at the next show and all proceeds go to helping the show!

Also, we're so happy to report that our ticket goodie give-away program
was a big hit and we'll be doing it at the next show too! Be sure to check the
back of your ticket stub.... you might be a winner!

There were free pairs of tickets to the next show, t-shirts,
complimentary CDs and subscriptions to the Bluegrass Journal
available to our audience members! Next month, we hope to have more goodies too!

We want people to have fun at the Glass City Opry and enjoy great bluegrass music!

Many many thanks to all the people that
helped to make the evening magical!

• The Coffee News • The Cookie Lady •
The Bluegrass Journal
• The Sunday Ramble on WCWA 1230 AM
• Toledo.com • K100 Country Radio
• The AMAZING Staff and Management of the Maumee Indoor Theatre
• The Bands and Friends & Family of Bandura Bridge and Lonesome County
• Our Sound by Mike and Monica Adams
• Our Volunteers, Wilson, Earline and Shelly Birdwell
• Photography by Mike MacGuffie
• Our "Go-For" Staff of Ashton, Weston, Maggie and Jessy

And everyone that came out to see what all the "fuss" was about!


Dave and Jeff's interesting sound check show...



What a great set from Bandura Bridge!


Joe Smith drove the furthest to get here! From Indiana!


Jesse Manns was on stage to help out his Dad and friends


Tim Ellis is a favorite of the Toledo area!


We made it on the Channel 13 11:00 news that night!

Click the Picture and if your computer is able it should play for you!


Lonesome County was our featured band


Chad Jeremy's guitar work was impressive


Working on some good bluegrass music


Everyone loves the banjo picking!


Listening to the fiddler!


Paul Shappiro is working that bass!



A very special thanks to Mike MacGuffie for
covering the show with his photographic wizardry!